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Soulimpact Band --- Demo's --- click here

Soulimpact is Jedrok's Band with wife vocalist Sabrina.  They perform as a powerhouse Duo, Trio or 4 piece, Jedrok also performs solo.
The Soulimpact Band is a fun, extremely entertaining, audience-interactive duo and can perform both relaxing vibe sets to kick back n' chill for dinner & drinks or as a duo rock band performing the best - rock, pop & country party songs of the '70's, '80's, '90's & today's music, along with the best nostalgic hits from the '50's & '60's.

Sabrina's soulful and passionate voice is simply captivating... and cuts through the mix with power and beauty. She covers rock, pop and country artists like Martina, Celine, Heart, Journey, Benetar, and Patsy Cline with ease while adding her own artistry of style and vibrato that draws you in, grabs your heart and fills you with emotion... she also plays percussion and adds a sweet top harmony to male vocal leads.

Band founder and husband, Jeff puts out a powerful, dynamic voice full of diversity with character, and adds a soulful energetic vibe to all he covers. Laying the instrumental foundation and shredding solos playing piano, guitar, hammond, synth, strings, and horns on a multi-keyboard rig & keytar, he puts out a full band sound that must be experienced to be appreciated, and also plays drums and blues harmonica; further adding to his arsenal of instruments.

Their shows are described as top-notch, powerful, emotion-filled, and extremely entertaining. Jeff and Sabrina’s love for performing shows in the faces of the audience…often left spell bound and teary eyed. Frequently leaving the stage to perform in an area of the audience, they interact and engage you to feel every note of their vocal performance.

Soulimpact's versatility has given them the ability to adapt to varied audiences and perform shows in many different venues for all age groups and all musical tastes; including corporate and private parties, clubs, fund-raisers, festivals, concerts, conventions, weddings, pubs and colleges.

Entertaining audiences throughout the eastern states, from Florida to Pennsylvania, their shows are customized to each event…full of excitement, emotion, and incredible entertainment.